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Why Brown Envelopes are Perfect for Cash

How Important is the Color of an Envelope

Have you ever wondered why there are so many different colors of envelopes available for purchase? Apart from the standard white or brown envelopes, you can find almost any other color of envelope including red, green, blue and black. In some countries, the color of an envelope has no significance but in other countries, the color of envelope will determine how well your mail is received by the recipient. It will determine if he will open it or not and if he will be offended.

Using China as an example, take a look below at how important the color of an envelope truly is. 


A red envelope symbolizes prosperity and is normally used for monetary gifts so it is the envelope to use in special situations such as weddings and births. Read More...

A5 Colored Envelopes

The idea of using colored envelops for a variety of motives is fast gaining popularity. It is not uncommon to find them in use for promotional items, greeting cards, birthday invites and even company mail! Colored envelops (and especially red envelopes) are among the simplest yet valuable additions to your stationery box. The A5 envelop, without a doubt, is the most versatile size, and it can be used for varied purposes.

When it comes to picking the perfect envelop, you cannot just be haphazard about it. Colored envelops need some care and consideration. For example, if you are sending out promotional materials, it is advisable to use the colors of the company logo. Seasonal greeting cards look more appropriate with seasonal colors, and wedding invites may be tailored to match the theme colors.  Read More...

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