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Why Brown Envelopes are Perfect for Cash

How Important is the Color of an Envelope

Have you ever wondered why there are so many different colors of envelopes available for purchase? Apart from the standard white or brown envelopes, you can find almost any other color of envelope including red, green, blue and black. In some countries, the color of an envelope has no significance but in other countries, the color of envelope will determine how well your mail is received by the recipient. It will determine if he will open it or not and if he will be offended.

Using China as an example, take a look below at how important the color of an envelope truly is. 


A red envelope symbolizes prosperity and is normally used for monetary gifts so it is the envelope to use in special situations such as weddings and births.



If a recipient were to receive a yellow envelope from you, they might be very hesitant to open it especially in public as yellow is often associated with pornographic materials.


A black envelope is definitely the one that you must absolute avoid as black is related to evil, corruption, illegality, and greediness.


In china the color white is very strongly associated with funerals and should be avoided for any celebration.

White Envelopes Most Standard and Popular in the UK

Here in the United Kingdom, things are different. White envelopes are the most standard and popular envelopes and there are no special meaning behind them. They can be used for almost any occasion without offending anyone as it is considered a neutral color which gives a simple but professional feel.

Colored envelopes are normally used for more fun and festive activities such as birthday invitations, Christmas cards and get well soon. As a business owner, you can also choose to use a specific colored envelope that will represent the culture of your company.

Brown Envelopes Perfect for Cash

Then there are the brown envelopes which are the second most popular and widely used envelopes. The main advantage of brown envelopes over white ones is the fact that they are darker and as such they are less-see through this means that they are perfect for sending important documents or check. They are the most ideal choice for sending money. With a white envelope, the imprints of money can be easily seen but with a brown envelope, that is definitely not there. You would receive cash in a brown envelope and would not even know that is cash in it.

Traditionally, brown envelopes have been used to send money. It is a common practice. Even the people who disagreed with the town councilors’ controversial planning decision in Faversham and who posted envelopes of money to the town councilors, used brown envelopes to do so.

Choosing the Right Envelope

Now that you know how important the color of an envelope is, choosing the right envelope should be somewhat easier. There are four things to consider when choosing an envelope:


The right size

The most common sizes are the C4, C5, C6, A4, A5, A6 and DL.

The style

There are three basic styles which are banker, pocket and wallet. Pocket envelopes open on the shorter side while Wallet and banker envelopes open along the longer side. 

The seal flap style

The three most common choices are: self-seal flaps, peel and seal flaps and the gummed flaps. The gummed flaps need to be moistened before sealing and are perfect for those who just need to send one or a few mails. The peal and seal flaps or the self-sealed flaps do not need to be moistened. They normally come with their own adhesive and seal without having to be first moistened.

The right color

The trick to choosing the right color is to make sure that you are first of all aware of any cultural relations between the envelope and the color that you want to choose. If there are, make sure that you take the cultural aspects into consideration when choosing a color but if there are no cultural aspects, then you can be free in your choice of color and choose a color that best reflect the message you want to convey to the recipient.

Creating Your Own Envelopes

How cool would it be to say, “I made my own envelopes”. Making your own envelopes is quite simple. There are a number of tools which you can use to make your own envelope if you are really creative and want to put more thought and effort into your envelopes.



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