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A5 Colored Envelopes

The idea of using colored envelops for a variety of motives is fast gaining popularity. It is not uncommon to find them in use for promotional items, greeting cards, birthday invites and even company mail! Colored envelops (and especially red envelopes) are among the simplest yet valuable additions to your stationery box. The A5 envelop, without a doubt, is the most versatile size, and it can be used for varied purposes.

When it comes to picking the perfect envelop, you cannot just be haphazard about it. Colored envelops need some care and consideration. For example, if you are sending out promotional materials, it is advisable to use the colors of the company logo. Seasonal greeting cards look more appropriate with seasonal colors, and wedding invites may be tailored to match the theme colors. 

Likewise, it is not advisable to send official letters in multicolored, flowery envelopes (unless the company deals in crafts). All these factors determine how the recipient of the envelope will treat it; will they open it immediately or throw it in the pile of accumulated, unopened letters collecting dust somewhere in a corner? Remember that some people prefer natural colors so anything brightly colored may not really fit their fancy.

Choosing the Perfect A5 Envelop

Since these envelops are available in all manner of styles, designs thicknesses and colors, it is important to know how to pick the perfect envelop for your needs.  If you are really not sure about the size, here is a quick guide to sizes of the most common envelops.

Envelop size  Document size

C4 (324 by 229 mm)

C5 (162 by 229mm)

C6 (114 by 162mm)

DL (110 by 220mm)




Compliment slips

Envelop Buying Guide

A5 envelops are available in a variety of styles and finishes. You can find embossed, pearlescent, board, recycled and seasonal envelops.

Pearlescent envelops are perfect for business purposes

Seasonal envelops can be customized to fit the taste of the recipients

Board envelops come in bubble bag, padded and polypropylene sleeve finishes

Styles of Envelopes

A5 envelops come in different styles. There are 3 main styles

Wallet – These envelops, just like bankers, open on the longer side. 

Banker – These envelops open on the longer side but feature a large v-shaped (diamond) flap

Pocket – The envelop open on the shorter side and feature a short, mostly square shape

It is important to note that the sizes are always stated in as Depth by Width. The width refers to the flap side. This means that if you find an envelope dented as 110 by 220 mm, it refers to a wallet, and 220 by 110 mm refers to a pocket style.

The Seal Flap Designs

The type of closure you choose for your A5 envelops is largely dependent on the envelope’s material/finish, the content and personal preferences.  Here are a few closure styles.

   Gummed Flaps

These flaps feature a layer of gum that is activated by a little moisture and pressure to seal. These flaps can be used on automatic inserting machines as well as hand sealing. The gum remains active up to one year.

Self Seal Flaps

These flaps feature a layer of natural rubber latex on both sides, which seal automatically on contact. The rubber latex does not need any activation (moisture or heat), and can still be used up to 6 months.

Peal and Seal Flaps

This is the easiest closure type. It is usually a layer of glue that is covered with a strip of paper. Once this layer is exposed, it is activated, which creates a strong sealing bond.

Special Envelops

If you are sending out company mail and documents, it is a lot easier to use window to save up on the time used to personally address each envelope (or placing stickers). The convenience of the window avails you the chance to simply print, slip in, seal and send. They can also be conveniently used as return envelopes.

Parting Shot

The good old art of gifting, writing letters and cute little love notes and cards have just gotten sweeter and more appealing. Colored envelops are fast gaining popularity and have become one of the most embraced trend (outside the internet). The best thing about colored envelops is that they are easy to customize. You can always hand make your C5 envelops to suit the preferences of the recipient as well as match the season. 

One more thing about envelopes you need to consider is the weight. The content you wish to enclose largely determine the weight of the envelop you choose. If you are sending a simple season’s greetings card, then a light weight envelop is enough. If you are sending items such as jewelry or something bulky and moves around, you may want to go for heavy weight envelops to secure the contents. But regardless of your choices, keep it fun, simple, attractive and colorful to the intended recipient!


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