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Is there anything more boring than a normal envelope? Think about it. A letter, a card, an invitation, a gift; any of those are items of great value, that can bring great tidings, memories of loved ones, and connect people from very distant points on the world. And in what are they wrapped? A regular, non-special rectangle of white paper. Does it sound fitting for the highly underrated content they carry? Does it look at least one-tenth as special as what it holds within?

 Of course not. That is why every letter deserves something more than a standard envelope. This could sound like overthinking, but it actually isn’t - buying a stack of regular envelopes is underthinking. Take a moment to think of the last letter or postcard you sent. It was special, wasn’t it? Especially nowadays, when people don’t use the post very often when it comes to messages, they prefer mobile phones and the Internet. So, if you took the time to make and send a letter, it’s something of great worth. And it should be wrapped up accordingly. 

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The only limit for an envelope design is your own imagination. From our printing offices, we bring exclusive items that you will find only in Reflections First. We love to explore new materials and looks for our products, to come up with original, memorable packages and envelopes for every need. From business to greeting cards, from corporate to artistic, we have solutions for every case.

Stand out and make a difference with the envelopes of Reflections First. Impress your clients, greet your loved ones, make beautiful presents or simply turn a regular letter into a full piece of design. 

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Whether the purpose of your mailing is to sell or to communicate, to cheer or to make contact, everything will look better and cause a greater impact with a proper envelope. You know how important first impressionas are; for an intervie or meeting, you dress up and make sure you look good. The packaging delivers the first impression for letters and items. Change everything with something as simple as the right wrapping.


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"Reflections First is a highly professional, efficient company that will offer many options for business and deliver their products with astounding celerity. We will hire them again as soon as we are in need of more postal solutions."
By Terry Butworck

Happy Clients

Read what they have to say.

"It has become harder to find good envelope manufacturers now that people don’t write letters anymore. Still, there are some good companies left, and in my opinion, Reflections First is the best. I trust them with all my package needs."
By Palma Warton